Farm to table and field to fork events have been trend the past several years all over the country, since the sustainable green movement. Most especially now as consumers are in support of organic produce and the buy local first trend. Not only are the causes good ones, it is just so darn fun and enjoyable to have a gourmet prepared dinner outdoors on a farm!

F2T_Logo1All the more reason why the Gresham Farmers market will have its very first farm to table benefit dinner. Many people may not have the awareness that the original farmers market in Historic Downtown Gresham is a 501C3 non-profit. The market most definitely qualifies to raise funds and should to meet all it’s overall operations, maintenance and improvement needs. It is time to finally fundraise for our local farmers market, the original since 1986.

As I am into the position of market manager midway through the season, I didn’t realize all the cost that go into running a farmers markets as well all the constant repairs and improvements needed. We currently have 3 plastic round table we use every Saturday, and every Saturday, I am hoping that they are still standing and don’t fall apart! Some of our wooden framed street signs are in much need of repair as some are standing on their last legs; not to mention the screws that poke out and snag on everything. The market needs some onsite banners to identify the location as well we need to make more overnight parking signs, as we are currently borrowing signs from the City.

As I’ve done my research, several other local farmers markets around the Portland area are able to hire a full time market manager year round and the success of their markets most definitely shows through those efforts. We as the Gresham Farmers Market, are only able to hire a part time seasonal manager. There’s so much more work that needs to be done for the market that extends the part time hours, but not enough hours to get all the work done.

The market’s 30th Anniversary is coming this 2016 season and we want to celebrate it well.

This will be a landmark occasion and season for the farmers market as it makes it the oldest operating farmers market in the State of Oregon. Funds raised will also be used towards a lot of marketing and publicity for the year long celebration in Historic Downtown Gresham. The farmers market is definitely an asset and treasure for the City of Gresham, home of the market in it’s city
parking lot on Miller Avenue between 2nd & 3rd Streets.

The market is so very fortunate that this season MBank of Gresham has generously donated funds towards the dinner event as our presenting event sponsor, as well has provided a wonderful service of providing all the complimentary reusable MBank tote bags for customers to use while they shop the market. THANK YOU MBANK!

The event will be keeping it local as the host venue will be at one of our market vendor’s farm. Slice of Heaven Farm in Sandy, Oregon is this season’s host sponsor for the event. We will be sourcing produce and products from our own market vendors to prepare the dinner meals and we will be showcasing many of our market vendors products in the silent auction. There will be wine-tasting by local area wineries as well live music throughout the evening. Guest will be shuttle from their vehicles from a designated parking location to and from the farm, for parking convenience. The table settings will be outdoors within the actual farm fields under string lights. And umbrella coverage and propane heating lamps while you dine, of course. It will be a beautiful setting, enjoyable and delicious evening!

Do support your local farmers market. By doing so, you support the local economy to grow and prosper, enable local farmers to sell their farm produce directly to you, the consumer to support their lively hood and source of income and provide good quality farm fresh goods for you and your family to keep healthy!

Without further ado, we would like to official announce our first farm to table event!

Farm to Table
A 501C3 event to benefit the Gresham Farmers Market


We hope to see you there!
As Always, Amelia
Market Manager – Gresham Farmers Market