For several weeks now, I have been learning and researching a variety of Oregon farms online. Within one of my google searches, I found Deck Family Farm in Junction City, Oregon. I thought to myself, they would be an ideal fit and great addition to the market. I spent some time speaking with Christine Deck and invited her and her family to consider our market in addition to the other local area farmers markets they already participate with.

So with much excitement and anticipation, I’d like to announce that Deck Family Farm be joining the Gresham Farmers Market this Saturday!
1979676_900967066580680_2188149528970325086_nDeck Family Farm is a family owned and operated certified organic livestock farm just recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. They farm on 320 acres in the Willamette Valley. Deck Family Farm raises high quality grass-fed cattle, pasture raised pigs, Spring lamb, pastured chicken/turkey and laying hens. All their farm fresh products will be at the farmers market for purchase. Look for Deck’s farm fresh eggs at the market, one of their specialty products.

Deck Family Farm takes pride in their certified organic operation. They rely on natural cycles to build soil fertility and never use hormones or antibiotics. Deck’s farming practices reflects their mission of raising their livestock on grass pastures, providing a natural habitat that mimics what their wild ancestors lived in. Pasture raised animals not only live a more stress free life than their confinement-fed counterparts, but they also grow to provide a tastier and healthier meat.

Have you ever tasted grass-fed beef yet? If not, you must! When I had my first experience eating grass-fed beef, I immediately tasted the difference within my first half-a-bite. The taste experience was unbelievable! The beef was amazingly hearty and very flavorful. I now crave for it and it’s difficult for me to eat non-grass fed again.

I encourage you to please come and visit Deck Family Farms and give them a warm welcome into the Market and taste the difference!

At the Gresham Farmers Market, we are working hard to provide good high quality local farm fresh produce and products for our market patrons as well most importantly be a server to our local area farms and farmers to ensure and support their livelihoods in providing for their families. This is my personal mission as your farmers market manager!

As Always, Amelia
Market Manager


Please see the farm’s website and Facebook page!
Their website:
Their Facebook page – here.