Welcome Fiddlehead Farm to the Gresham Farmers Market!

1794524_619392868169743_2054212938021579802_nI first met Fiddlehead Farm at the Montavilla Farmers Market as a market patron; little did either of us know that we would cross paths again about a year later at the Gresham Farmers Market! Rowan and Katie have farmed for several years for other farmers before they decided to venture on their own moving up to Oregon from California. They sought out many different farming areas before settling in countryside of Corbett. They have a beautiful farm and a great facility. Katie is almost always backpacking their little girl Ella as she works the fields.

Fiddlehead is a family owned and operated farm. Their specialty crop is their high quality garlic; of which they are very well known for. They also grow over 20 varieties of vegetables that they sell through their CSAs and at the market/s.

The farm is a proud certified organic farm. Rowan and Katie take pride in contributing to a sustainable community and assisting in maintaining a strong local economy, and that is definitely reflected in their agriculture practices and beliefs.

This will be Fiddlehead’s first season with the Gresham Farmers Market. They feel ready this year to add on another market along with the current Sunday market at Montavilla with new farm staff to assist with Gresham. The Gresham Farmers Market is so very excited to have them join! Please visit and give a warm welcome to Fiddlehead Farm into the market. They will begin their market season this Saturday on the 23rd!


– As Always,

Amelia Market Manager

Please visit their website and Facebook page!
website: http://www.fiddleheadfarmers.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fiddlehead-Farm/304715386304161